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Consultancy Solutions
JRL Solutions Ltd provides the answers to health and safety problems worldwide
Risk Assessment
JRL Solutions Ltd carries out a wide range of risk assessments


JRL Solutions Ltd helps employers meet their obligations under legislation to carry out a risk assessment with reference to electrical safety.  The appropriate legislation is the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. The risk assessment should be carried out by a competent person.

Poor standards of electrical safety often result in fatalities.

The purpose of an electrical risk assessment is to:-

  • Identify significant hazards
  • Identify persons at risk including specific persons at greater risk
  • Evaluate risk in terms of likelihood and consequence, decide if risk is managed adequately and if not make recommendations to manage the risk better
  • Record the significant findings
  • Be reviewed at appropriate intervals

A hierarchy of control is used in evaluating the effectiveness of control, which includes :-

  • Technical control
  • Procedural/Organisational control
  • Behavioural control

In carrying out electrical risk assessment it is necessary to consider both fixed electrical systems and portable electrical equipment taking into account the following:-

  • Systems, work activities and protective equipment
  • Strength and capability of electrical equipment
  • Adverse or hazardous environments
  • Insulation, protection and placing of conductors
  • Earthing or other suitable precautions
  • Integrity of referenced conductors
  • Connections
  • Means for protecting from excess current
  • Means for cutting off the supply and for isolation
  • Precautions for equipment made dead
  • Work on or near live conductors
  • Working space, access and lighting
  • Persons to be competent to prevent danger and injury

JRL Solutions Ltd caries out electrical risk assessment using its comprehensive electrical risk assessment format.


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